Gian Luca Rana receives the Business Excellence Award 2018

Gian Luca Rana receive the Business Excellence Award 2018

Gian Luca Rana, CEO of Pastificio Rana, took the stage of Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan on October 15th, 2018 to collect two awards: the Eccellenza d’Impresa Award for 2018, promoted by Harvard Business Review Italy with Gea-Consulenti di Direzione, and the Arca Fondi SGR Award under the patronage of Borsa Italiana.

For Gian Luca Rana internationalization is closely linked to innovation, which has always played a key role in the development process of Pastificio Rana.

Innovation is a concept well represented by the admission and the constant growth of Pastificio Rana in the American market, a project that Gian Luca Rana wanted and guided firsthand, as well as the whole internationalization that brought Pastificio Rana into 52 countries in the world.

One of the most successful factors to achieve leadership in this market was the development of a new paper container: a real technological revolution, fundamental to the positioning of Pastificio Rana products in the United States.

The development of new technologies and the launch of Rana Restaurants have also strongly contributed to the success of the Pasta Factory, thus enabling Rana to crowd out the market and competitors and actually become the only company to beat, with regard to corporate culture.

Gian Luca Rana, not only a CEO, but a true innovator.

The machines used in the Verona plant were designed by Gian Luca Rana himself, with the aim of not settling down in the comfort zone of past technologies and always pushing further. Starting from the machines that divide the pecorino and the parmesan from the rind and crumble them, to the pan where they sautè the onion and cook the porcini mushrooms deglazing them with white wine: everything is tailor-made for fresh food products every day.

Speaking about innovation, Gian Luca Rana intends to "continually subject each product to a test of excellence": from raw materials to the way they are kneaded, the continuously improved process technologies and the study of incremental use functions, the packaging, the management of a worldwide family business and the more urgent than ever sustainability issues.

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